How to design a restaurant logo?


A logo is a vital part of the business. It gives a unique identity to your brand and helps improve recall value. Many top restaurants such as Mac Donald, Barista are known for their logo. Their logo is easily identifiable in the group of other symbols. Unique design and essence in the logo make them aspiring brands.

Creating a logo is the best way to start your restaurant business. There are many ways you can select the object for your symbols, such as material, unique element, colors, and shape for the logo. If you closely observe your product-making procedure, you will notice that some process elements are very distinct.

With those elements, you will build the bridge to connect your audience with your restaurant brand. Brand identity keeps you aside from the competition and represents your products as a unique concept that people would appreciate and believe in trying your product for the first time.

No matter what type of restaurant you are running in your region, it can be Vegan, Italian, American, or Asian. Every kind of restaurant business needs a distinct logo to spread its name. The logo will speak your core ethics and provide a definite purpose for your business.

Unique designs of the logo are easily recognized due to their stories and unique design. A good logo strikes the viewers, and it gets stuck in your memory in the first appearance. The logo will speak on your behalf and emit positive vibes in the audience who use your product regularly.

You have to keep an eye on different things when you decide to work on the logo design process. Make a note of it before you jump to the logo design.

1) Icons

Icons are going to play a critical role in the logo design. A logo combines the elements that are precisely selected to portray your brand’s core value. Each icon would symbolize the distinct area of product making.

Also, the core value of a brand can be identified with the use of icons. Thus, when you are making a logo, it is vital to choose icons that represent the uniqueness of your brand. People should know your core values and how you desire to serve your client with your services.

2) Typography

The food industry uses various types of typography to add a fun element to the logo. Typography triggers an emotion in the audience when they see your logo first time. Dark colors with bold typography represent the authority and position of something.

In contrast, the cursive writing makes it a more elegant and premium look to the logo. Outspoken typography such as Arial or Time Roman fonts is used to make your logo readable. Depending on your logo’s personality you would like to portray, you can choose the specific typography type for the logo.

3) Color palette

The most significant impact that would be given to the logo is with the right color palette. Many businesses prefer one distinct color with a combination of white and black shades. More colors would confuse the audience, and also, it makes it difficult to remember the multi-color art. Thus, the top brand uses single color in the logo that becomes their identity.

Many popular color shades that top brands might have already used are confusing in the color selection process. You have to rely on the color pallets, which are not shared and give you a unique identity.

Luckily, the color has no monopolies, and they are found in many shards. For example, the color red would have 1000 unique shades. Each of them will emit a particular type of emotion.

Additionally, the color would make it easy to separate your brand from other companies. You also have the option to make the color in different tones such as carbon, rusty, liquid, or add shine to the color, so it automatically becomes unique in itself.

4) Picking the shape

Logo can be designed in any standard shape. The geometry of the logo would decide how the viewer will perceive it. Circle logo is most common in the industry. Round or circle represent the universal structure as many of our celestial bodies are found in the spherical shape.

However, there are no standard rules for the shapes. You can use any shape you want until it looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Usual geometry such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles are easily identifiable. These shapes remove the stress over the brain as these shapes are part of the human’s permanent memories. However, the viewer does not have to put pressure on their brain to identify the logo size.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the element in the logo that is more common to the human and are easily perceive. Complex logo structure is challenging to comprehend and makes it challenging for the audience to remember it.

Combining the right color and shape with the beautiful typography will produce a memorable logo that becomes an identity of your restaurant business.

What should be inserted in your restaurant logo?

Like delicious food and service is the key ingredient to making a successful restaurant. Appetizing a restaurant logo would produce the craving for trying something new. Similarly, the brand needs the proper element to create the perfect logo that is easy to remember and showcases the business’s core values.

Restaurant logo design to attract customers would give you an advantage over your competitors. The brand logo should make people thrive for the delicious food served in the restaurant. An exciting symbol triggers the viewer’s hunger and makes them try your food whenever they see your logo on a different media platform.

Before you start taking orders, you should put your utmost concentration on the logo design. A logo is going to be your core identity.

Possibilities during the logo design are unlimited; thus, you should have a clear vision and understand the core value of the business, which can be added to your restaurant’s logo design. Creating a successful brand that offers the perfect condition

Consider the following elements while designing a logo for your restaurant business.

1) Simple is better

The complex human brain is highly advance in processing large amounts of data. However, when it comes to processing complex information, the neuron activities slow down.

The brain takes too much time to process the data and compose thoughts around what it sees. A simple logo would be easy to comprehend for the human.

More complex elements in the logo which are not found on a regular day are difficult to identify. Hence, when your audience sees your logo, they will not decide what your brand is selling. If you notice the top restaurant brand, they use kitchen components to make a distinct note of their restaurant business.

2) Differentiate from others

Taking inspiration from top restaurant brands is a valuable method while designing the logo. However, you should not copy their brand elements or design structure. Use your creativity while designing the logo and develop a new concept that makes the logo feel extraordinary.

A restaurant logo design should separate your brand from others. People should not feel that your logo is connected to any other famous brand. The uniqueness will give a distinct identity to your brand logo and make your brand thrive in the industry.

3) Doesn’t necessarily have to be a Symbol

There is a misconception in the logo design that the symbol is mandatory. You will find the symbol in some famous brands, but modern logo designing techniques go beyond traditional practices.

Now the logo designing prefers a simplified version of the logo. You might observe, many top brands using typography in the logo, and nothing else is there.

A combination of typography and the color in the background are the two elements that make the final logo. So there are no complex rules for logo making. You can have your logo design without symbols. Use the text as your symbol.

4) Kitchen elements

The majority of the restaurant process includes kitchen elements. The restaurant logo maker can use the standard tools used in the kitchen such as spoon, fork, dining table, an icon representing chef, or plates with the served food. Anything that helps the audience to connect with the logo could become part of your logo.

A logo should be designed to produce a craving to have the food shown on the logo. Take the example of the Pizza hut logo.

They have distinguished use their product name Pizza, and the shape of the logo represents the shape of a pizza. Whenever their audience sees the pizza hut logo in their promotional activities, it immediately triggers the craving for the Pizza, and people buy the Pizza from the restaurant.

5) Symmetric colors

The color of the logo is going to have a significant impact on your target audience. Thus, you should put more effort into the selection process.

Choosing symmetric colors that connect the audience with your product will tell people what kind of service they would find in your restaurant.

The elegant-looking logo with the gold and silver shade of color in the logo design would apprehend the expensive restaurant with the excellent service.

Logo shapes the perspective of the audience. People judge the cost of the product by looking at the logo. If the logo is made with common elements and a less elegant feel, the restaurant would be considered the mid-range of services and products that make the dine comfortably for the ordinary earning people.

For a long-lasting impression, you should choose colors that are suitable for the type of your restaurant. When it comes to targeting a mass audience, selecting a simple-looking logo with standard colors would have better visibility.

Every color emits certain emotions. Gold, Silver, Black, and white combination are considered elegant colors. People perceive these colors as expensive. Whereas the blue, red, and green color combination is designed for the masses.

Pink is for women, and bright colors such as yellow and orange focus on the youth as they produce enthusiasm in the viewer. Understanding these colors will make a big difference in logo making.

Consult with the logo designing company about the colors that they suggest for your restaurant brand. Discuss your ideas and help the designer work on the colors that suit your restaurant brand best.

Which type of restaurant logo is best for business?    

The restaurant business comes under the hospitality industry. Mouthwatering menus, outstanding customer service, friendly staff, beautiful ambiance, and a good dining area make people comfortable. What your customer feels about your restaurant also matters when driving people back to the restaurant.

A logo will signify how you will serve your customers and what kind of hospitality they will enjoy in the restaurant. Great logo design is the secret ingredient of driving people crazy about your restaurant.

The brand ensures that its logo adds significant value to its target audience. Every tiny piece of information used in the emblem emits particular emotion. It makes your restaurant brand stand out in an already crowded industry.

Growing competition in the food industry makes it difficult for new restaurants to become part of top brands. It is a painful process that every restaurant has to go through in the early stage.

Designing the perfect logo representing a core value makes it easy for the restaurant business to grow faster. The logo will catch the attention of your target audience and make it easy for them to remember your brand.

Also, it set the mood to eat delicious food experience by the end-users. People stir up the discussion on the social media platforms with the foodie communities. These are some practical ways used by top brands to make their restaurant popular in the region.

Types of logo design for restaurant business

1) Traditional restaurant logos

The traditional design of restaurant logos gives a classic look to the restaurant. Many businesses use this technique to make their restaurant appear old. It is a marketing strategy that makes people trust the brand from the first day itself.

When they see the traditional restaurant-style interior design done according to old practices, the audience would love to try such a restaurant. Logo design would make people believe you have been in the restaurant business for many years.

2) Fast food restaurant logo

When designing the logo for the fast-food restaurant, businesses generally target the audience in a hurry. High enthusiasm, positive energy, and agility are some of the emotions used by fast-food restaurants.

Although fast-food restaurants are no different than ordinary restaurants, they promote themselves as quick-service restaurants.

Therefore, fast food restaurants generally prefer the logo with bright colors. Eye-catchy colors and attractive design triggers enthusiasm in the people who sees the logo first time. The fast-food restaurant logo design is a common practice where the athletic feel makes people feel quick service.

3) Pub and bar-restaurant logo

Pub and bar are known for the exciting night. It is vital to know that people come to the pub for a night out. They would love to spend time in the restaurant where they get a nice ambiance with people who have high standards.

A logo represents your restaurant brand and makes it recognizable to the target audience. Using the delicate items in the logo design, you will simulate the feel of five five-star restaurants.

4) Only typography

Today many brands prefer the logo made of typography only. The decent typography makes your logo easy to remember. When you put the logo with the color, the combination represents you as one of the top brands in the industry.

Wisely choosing typography reduces the stress over designing a unique logo. Also, typography cannot be part of industrial monopolies; hence, no company can claim that your logotype case is copied.

5) Story

Try to connect your logo with the story of your journey. When the logo is designed with a strong story behind the concept, people relate to the story and visit the place to see what you offer. There are many brands in the industry that have started their marketing with storytelling. People like the way they progress and eventually receive needed appreciation from their customers.

Today, they are serving millions of people worldwide only because of those stories they have sold with the logo.

The logo could have something that is part of your early-day struggle. It will keep reminding you how you started the journey. Humans are emotional beings, though when you share a story of your business, they will quickly get connected to it.

What are the top five colors for the restaurant logo?

Picking color for the restaurant business could be a daunting task. You may have to be very sure about how you are willing to present your brand. The colors are going to be your identity. The wrong color choice would put you in a position where you will own authority for your business.

Keep your brand vision in mind and choose the color accordingly. Experiencing could affect your brand loyalty after your restaurant’s launch; thus, you should not change it once it is launched.

The tips will help you choose suitable color pallets for your business.

1) Red

Red is the primary choice for the restaurant business. When you see the red color, it automatically increases your heart rate, blood pressure. A person becomes impulsive to entering the restaurant and enjoying the food.

Also, red provoke hunger and make you crave delicious food. These are some of the reasons why top brands prefer having red for the restaurant business.

2) Green

Food comes from nature, where green is a distinct color you see everywhere. Green connects you with nature and makes the person feel relaxed. It is a color of peace and hope. Use of the green in the logo showcases your brand as fresh.

The green color also makes people spend more time in a restaurant and enjoy the food. It will encourage people to stay more time and order more food. It is a new age color that makes people support global warming and send a strong message globally.

3) Orange

An orange color logo works excellent in the restaurant business. Orange is known for building a relationship with your client. People feel more connected when they see orange color in the brand logo.

Also, orange is mainly found in vegetables and fruits, making people feel comfortable buying your product.

When you use the orange color shade in the logo, people feel cheerful. Your audience will be eager to find what you have for them. The growing popularity of the logo will increase the footfall in your restaurant.

4) Blue

The color blue represents the sky and water. Also, it is the color of the winning. Like red, the blue also evokes the feeling of hunger. Also, people feel thirstier when they see the logo of a restaurant in the blue. They may reach you try some cold beverages and smoothies.

The presence of water which is also blue, is considered auspicious in many Asian restaurants; that’s why you see an aquarium or fountain in an Asian restaurant.

Blue is known as the cash flow in the business. Due to this ancient belief, many restaurants prefer having their restaurant logo in blue.

5) Yellow

Yellow energizes people when they see the color in the logo. Color yellow exudes the feel of excitement and fun. That’s why many fast-food restaurants use the yellow in their logo and practice it heavily in the restaurant’s interior.

People crave food when they view the logo of your restaurant. Yellow helps your audience to build a strong affection towards your brand.

Can a restaurant logo increase restaurant sales?

The logo of a restaurant primarily affects the returning customer. When people dine in the restaurant, they remember the place with their logo. Whenever they see your logo, their experience automatically triggers in their brains, and people desire to return to the restaurant to have a similar experience.

A logo becomes the identity of your brand. Every time your customer visits your restaurant to have a meal, they will recall the value you have provided to them. Thus, making them come back again and again to have similar experiences.

Every business that has achieved success in the restaurant business has gained popularity because of its returning customer. Logo helps you achieve success quickly and become one of the known restaurant brands in the world.

How to create a remarkable restaurant logo?

Logo designing starts from the vision for your brand. Think where you want to take your brand in the future. Next, find out what emotion you want to trigger when others first perceive your brand logo. Vision for the brand makes a big difference in making your logo stand out in the crowd.

1) Differentiate – Keep an eye on the unique proposition while designing the logo. It should not feel ordinary or stolen concept from other brands.

2) Express typography – People go to restaurants when they are hungry. Customers prefer the food on the table quickly as soon as they order the food. The express typography represents the quick service without compromising the quality of the food.

3) Customization – Let people know whether your food brand offer customization to the customer. There are many restaurant brands available in the market that offers complete customization to people.

4) Storytelling – Storytelling works the best in promoting your brand. Use the element from your experience in the logo and tell the people why you chose the particular art or component of the logo. Storytelling connects people to your brand and makes them loyal to your brand.

5) Negative space – Avoid clutter in the logo. During designing the logo for your brand, you may have several ideas.

Multiple elements in the small area of the logo would make it challenging for the people to understand the concept and recognize it when they see your logo first time. Hence, give sufficient negative space between two elements.

Tips for creating a remarkable restaurant logo

Follow these tips to make a remarkable logo and improve your brand recall value.

1) Collect the elements

A logo is built upon the vision and ideology. Do your research to identify the object from your product building process. These elements would become part of your logo and add significant value to your brand.

2) Choose a brand name

A logo without a brand name would be empty and may not help people recognize it. There has to be some typography in the logo that makes it easy to remember your brand.

3) Finalize the color

Prominent color will help your audience to distinguish the brand. Color is going to play a critical part in your success. So choose the color wisely.

4) Careful with the font

Every font triggers some emotions. Also, some fonts irritate people while reading. Your brand should not make people feel anxious while reading the typography. Put efforts into selecting the right typography for your brand logo.

5) Shape and size

Logo elements are consolidated in particular shapes and sizes. The shape of the logo should feel natural. Any shape that is not easily recognizable or cannot be perceived by the brain in the first view will confuse your target customers.

What are the top five restaurant logos that use their logos?

These are top five restaurant brand that uses their logos everywhere in the marketing to build the recall value of their company.

1) McDonald’s

2) Starbucks

3) Domino’s

4) Pizza Hut

5) Subway

What should be avoided when making a restaurant logo?

Many restaurant owners make silly mistakes while designing their logos. Once you complete the design of your logo, test the logo by showing it to multiple people.

Let them identify the error or message hidden behind. The survey will help you find some of the silly mistakes you could make in the logo designing process.

1) Graphic is not standing out

Many of the time, the graphic use in the logo would feel without purpose. You might have some thought behind it, but when your audience perceives it, they will find the logo has too many elements that may not be needed.

2) Wrong logo theme

Every design must have a particular theme. When you build a logo for the restaurant, there will be many cases when the logo would not suit your restaurant’s theme. Ensure that you are clear about your logo design and what theme you are using it.

3) Wrong color choice

Colors are going to change the perspective of your brand. Choosing the right color for your brand is essential.

Making mistakes in the selection of the color could result in a loss for your brand. People will not have any reasons to connect with your brand.               While designing the restaurant logo for the restaurant, follow these given suggestions and make your logo stand out in the competition. The unique design of the logo makes it easy for your audience to recognize and connect with your brand.

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