When someone sees your insurance logo, they need to see trust and credibility from your company. You’ve got to display these in the first interaction between your company and the customer. You can design a free logo for your insurance business online and give it a new look. Among the many logos, options are shields, umbrellas, lions, houses, torches, hand logos, building, lock, and lighthouse logos. Your insurance company logo can be tailored to fit seamlessly with your brand, regardless of your industry. Insurance companies use a wide range of icons, ranging from traditional styles like hands around a house, shield symbols, umbrellas, and trees, to the more modern types of abstract security icons, negative space images, letter mark logos, and others. In terms of what kind of insurance you deal with – health insurance, car, education, travel, and so on – you might choose a logo with an umbrella icon, swooshes with padlocks, flaming torches, red cross images, lighthouse logos, or a tree image with green leaves, among others. In this case, we want to use imagery related to the insurance industry. Therefore, images related to security, growth, protection, and safety are preferred.

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