Do you want a medical logo design because you bring life to people? This is the right place for your logo needs.


Get hundreds of healthcare logo designs, lab logo designs, hospital logo designs, emergency center logo designs, maternity clinic logo designs, medical store logo designs, or pharmacy logo designs with our free logo maker. 


Medical symbols such as heart logos, cross logos, crescent, caduceus, ECG graphs, tablets, flasks, and DNA logo designs are professionally accepted. 

Are any symbols considered the best for a medical logo design?

Like any other one, the medical industry should use symbols and icons appropriate for the profession.

As an orthodontist, for example, these types of dental logos will be perfect for you.

As a primary care doctor, your logo design can contain general symbols like the red cross sign and stethoscope icons.


The design of a research facility brand identity can also include heart logos, crescents, flask icons, and DNA logos, depending on the medical profession you work in.

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