Whether you’re a travel agency, ticket booking service, hospitality company, or tour guide company, memorable travel logos can help you stay top of mind with your customers.

Free travel logo design templates are created explicitly for vacation makers, tour organizers, adventure tour operators, city tour operators, budget hotels, motels, hostels, ferries and cruises, holiday homes, and bed and breakfasts.

Find the perfect logo design for your hotel or travel business by browsing our database of free logo designs, including hunting, air balloon, airplane, and boat logos.

You can customize the colors, fonts, tagline, and company name if you need a unique design for your hotel or agency.

Some travel agencies and tour operators use alphabet or text logos as their logo designs for their travel agencies. We will look at examples such as ‘Vagabond International,’ ‘Insight Vacations,’ and ‘Globus.’

When creating a text or alphabet letter mark logo for your travel agency’s brand image, you’ll need to choose a name that feels directly connected to the travel industry and then choose font details that represent your agency’s style.

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