What is the purpose of a Pet Logo?


Pet graphic is generally used in the veterinary or pet business. As you start growing, you would require something to back your brand identity. The logo with the picture of a pet will make a clear statement to the viewer and tell them that you are in a pet-related business.

As you start promoting your brand using various marketing activities, the pet logo will become recognizable in society. By looking at the logo, the person can tell what your brand name is and what services you offer.

People prefer going to the veteran that they know, or at least they have seen your name around them. A logo gives your brand a distinct identity. It separates you from your competition and allows you to build a brand image.

The famous pet logo increases the recall value. Over time people will start trusting your brand. Even if they do not require your service, they will recommend others who want them.

Professionally design pet logo depicts your expertise in the business. Your clinic will be view as the reputed hospital for the animal. It will help you to convince your target audience to contact you for the consultation.

When your brand is visible and has a positive impact on society, loyalty will follow automatically. People trust a business that offers exceptional services. Once people like your services, they will keep coming to your clinic regularly.

The logo will become your identity, and it will receive brand promotion whenever there is a need for your services. People love to share their experiences. Your logo will be used to suggest the client to their friends and family.

Why should you insert an animal into your pet logo?

We live in a world where people receive thousands of marketing messages every day. As a result, it is becoming challenging for businesses to capture the attention of their end-users.

Adding an animal picture to your pet logo design would make your brand stand out in the buzz. In addition, adding an animal to the logo is a great way to tell people what services you offers.

Animals are adorable, and using the animal picture will make people view your logo for few seconds. Luckily if the viewer owns the same breed, then people will immediately engage in the logo. People feel connected when they see the adorable animal picture come to their eyes side.

The animal picture in the logo shows what you sell. For example, the BBQ grill restaurant would have the chicken or bull in their logo. Use the symbolism precisely to make the audience understand why you are into business and what you serve to the people. The clarity in the message encourages people to find you and talk to you about the services. Your business success is depending on how you portray your brand.

Can I get popular adding animals into my logo?

Yes. The pictures of the logo could give the logo a feeling of aliveness. When your targeted audience views your logo, they know that you are into the pet service. Either you serve the pet as a doctor or into pet-related business.

Adding animals to the logo would also make it appear more prominent. When you run the marketing campaign, the logo with the animal picture will separate your brand from the other businesses.

Where others will be selling their product, your logo will tell the story behind the logo and make a strong impression on the viewers.

Popular animals such as Dog, Cat are mostly own as a pet in the home. So when people see the pictures of these animals while travelling or doing net surfing, it immediately catches their attention.

Unconsciously, they start connecting to the picture they are viewing in front of them. It will make them recollect their memories with the pet. It is an effective way to trigger strong emotion in the viewers and engage them in your logo.

Specific graphic of the popular animal captures the attention of the users instantly. People will start following your brand. It also helps you to connect with the audience who share the same interest in the animal.

You can run the marketing campaign focused on the popular animal you use in the logo and showcase your brand as a caring social business that protects these beautiful animals with the help of healthcare services.

Which type of animal logo is best for business?

The selection of the animal should be made based on the value that you are trying to provide to your end-users. Every animal possesses specific characteristics. For example, the Lion is known as a strong animal that represents the quality of leadership.

Lion is the king of the jungle. When you use the graphic of the Lion, you are making your clients believe that you are the leader of the industry. The prominent characteristics of the Lion will connect with the value that you produce for your client.

Similarly, the picture of the pigeon is used to depict peace. When you put the animal in the logo, you connect yourself with the natural germs walking on the planet. These animals add significant value to human life. The presence of these animals makes us important and gives the feeling of intelligence.

For the pet veteran, using the animal picture in the logo would make people believe in you and trust you as the brand. You are in the job of providing caring and making life better for the animals.

You can connect with your audience emotionally and engaging them in what you do for society. In addition, people who visit your clinic would feel comfortable as they know you handle things very professionally.

Here is the list of the animals that generally use in the logo

1) Lion

2) Black Horse

3) Tiger

4) Geek Monkey

5) Bear

6) Fox

7) Butterfly

Every animal adds significant value to the design of the logo. When you are choosing the animals for the logo, ensure that it connects to the right audience and makes them feel comfortable raising the inquiries at your clinic.

What are the top five colours for pet logos?

Colours are a vital part of logo design. Do you know people make the judgment on the product within 45 seconds when they first see the product or the brand logo? In most of the case, the judgment is powered based on the colour used in the logo.

Colour adds significant value to your logo and gives a unique perspective to the viewers. Color also becomes the identity of your logo when used wisely. Knowing the colour concepts, shapes, and emotions behind each colour would make your logo to become more popular in your industry.

As you start promoting your brand, the colour in the logo would appear eye caching. This is because it will begin gathering the users’ attention, and people from different regions will show interest in finding more about your brand.

Moreover, the colours evoke the subconscious mind and trigger particular emotions. So you can make people excited and happy when they first see your logo using the proper colour patterns.

Choosing the colours may vary depending on the interest of your users, owners’ personal preferences, and the psychology behind selecting the particular colour for your brand.

By knowing the rules of the colour selection for the logo designing, you will get more control over the logo design. Know your core values and find the colour that emits the right emotion to match your values. People should feel comfortable when they interact with your pet business for the services.

Light shade:

Use the light shades of the colour you choose for the logo. The light shade of the colour gives a pleasing experience to the user. For example, the light colour would make it easy to read the text placed near the logo without putting much stress on the eyes.

No Primary colours:

Say no to primary colours as they are very bright and may distract the users. Bright red, green, and blue make it challenging to read the text. Also, if you put the graphic around the primary colours, they mostly look awful.

Hence, you should focus on using the royal palettes of the colours. Additionally, the primary colours appear cheap and unprofessional. You may not like to present your brand cheap or unprofessional in your industry.

Soften the black:

Any black colour on the logo, including the text, must be softened to keep the shade more professional. The natural black colour is too bright for the eyes.

Bright black colour reduces the visibility of the text, and your logo may look blurry. Soften black shade would make people feel comfortable and enjoy the reading instead of feeling anxious.

Natural colour tones:

Generally, it is advisable to choose colours that match the natural colour tone. Get inspiration from nature. Find the colours that naturally appear on a beautiful day.

Take your pet out for a walk on the hill or garden and capture beautiful pictures of it. You can use these pictures as a reference point to find the natural colour tone found on the earth.

The earthy tone is the best for any logo design. These colours naturally blend and never feel dull or unnatural. Your brain is good at detecting colours. If fins something is not perfect in the picture or doesn’t look natural to the eye, it will develop anxiety in the brain.

Your customer may not get connected to your brand, and they will try to stay away from you. Their brain will feel something is wrong with your brand logo. It will cause them to feel that your brand is not reputed and not trustworthy.

Choose to go with Blue:

Blue could be one of the best colours for the pet business logo. The blue shows the leadership quality. Also, it is a sign of authority and trust. Pet veterans must have a good reputation in the audience.

It can be achieved by choosing the correct blue colour for the logo. Then, work on different shades of blue until you find the right colour for your brand logo.

Can a pet logo increase pet store sales?

The short answer is Yes. The pet logo gives you a unique perspective of your audience. When your targeted audience sees your logo through various marketing channels, they will be judging your service quality based on the logo you design.

Remember, in many cases, people who come to the pet shop or own the expensive pet are directly or indirectly connected to the business. Therefore, they understand the concept of a good logo design.

When they see the logo does not design professionally or your brand doesn’t have the logo, they will start doubting your pet services.

It will be tough to get them to your store if you fail to generate a first impression on your target audience. People keep their distance from a company that does not handle the basic things professionally.

The logo is one of the parts which people take various seriously. This is because the logo shapes the decision of your end-users.

As soon as you start promoting your logo on the web using the various digital marketing strategies, the logo will be the first thing that becomes your identity. If it looks awful, the users will stop following your content.

The logo makes a big difference in your sales. It has the power to increase or decrease your sales if not used properly. So always work on designing high quality and unique logo that represents the values of your organization.

What are the best Animal rescue logos Ideas?

The rescue logo showcases the purpose of the organization is. Generally, the companies involved in rescuing the animals focus on the household pet left by their owners. However, sometimes the pet moves out of the house in search of the partner and gets lost.

These kinds of animals are rescued by the private and government organization and sent them to the shelter.

The professional animal rescue organization uses pictures of the animal with the caring sign that makes the logo more prominent and gives a clear message to the viewer.

The cause behind the organization generally inspires custom-made animal rescue logos. The logo should encourage the people and make them feel comfortable when they hire you for the service.

People develop an emotional bond with the household pet. When they approach the animal rescue company, they want the pet to be with a safe hand. They believe you will put the animals in a nice place and take care of them. Logo helps to build trust in your client.

The colour, shape, and graphic icons used in the logo tell the story of your core practices. The top brands are viewed as the safest place for the rescue pet as they ensure the pet is in a safe place and healthy environment.

Therefore, people prefer contacting the brand whenever they need animal rescue services.

Animal Rescue logo ideas:

1) Use the relevant colours with a light shade that gives a pleasant experience.

2) Choose the innocent-looking animal picture to portray that you are rescuing who needs the support.

3) The logo should emit the emotion of caring as a mother feels for the baby. Caring can be shown in many ways and with the help of different types of graphics.

How to create a remarkable logo using animals?

In modern business, the logo adds significant value to your organization. People see the logo as the symbol of pride. It is a presentation of strength, leadership, and high-quality output.

The remarkable logo design makes a great impression on the viewers. So as you start promoting your brand in the market, the first thing that makes an impression is your logo.

The logo shows how structured you are and what kind of services the consumer would expect from you.

Creative logos are expensive. Therefore, people appreciate your efforts in designing the artistic logo with a hidden story behind it. A unique logo can transfer the ideology of your organization and convince people to buy your services or product.

Tips for creating a remarkable logo

1) Simplicity:

Average person, intellectual skill is not very active when it comes to choosing the day to day life product. In addition, the complex logo design would require more effort to decode the hidden essence and message behind the logo.

People will not have time to put their brains into something they are finding hard to comprehend. Therefore, in most cases, Simplicity wins, and it makes the audience follow your vision.

You should avoid intricate design in the logo. Instead, refer to the logos of the top brand. This is because they generally mixed their ideas between the single graphic and colour.

Take the example of the Apple logo, and they are simplifying their logo with the use of natural fruits consume by a wide range of people. Its bite on the apple makes it look unique.

Now the apple is seen as the brand and not the fruit. You can also follow this path and find something relevant to this to make your logo appear unique.

For example, try the different sketches of the logo of animals and see if you can put the animal at the centre, covering the maximum area in the logo with pleasing colour.

2) Brand Promise:

Every organization is work for some purpose. However, the organisation’s vision is the strongest part that should be eco through various marketing activities. For example, when designing a logo, you should focus on portraying your image through the logo.

Pet logo should impress people and make them believe in your cause. Depicting your brand promise through the logo will help the people to follow your vision. When your audience is convinced with your thoughts and vision, they will be fully aligned with what you do.

3) Business Values:

A professional business that follows strong ethics always keeps its values high. They ensure their beliefs are put ahead of everything. They never compromise on their values.

The values drive more customers and make the brand stand in the crowd. When you start giving more importance to your values, automatically, people will connect with your business.

Pet logo must showcase the business values. You can do that by having a strong message in the logo. Then, find the story that makes the logo appear more innocent and caring.

Humans are emotional beings; when they see, you are also in touch with something similar that everyone else in the world experience in their life, the more hands will join with you. Use your business logo as your strong point to make people engage with your brand.

4) Remove clutter:

It is common to get confused while selecting the elements for the pet logo. You may have hundreds of ideas to put into a small space. It is advisable do not to overdo it.

Else it may look cutter. People will get confused when they see too many elements are used in the logo, and nothing is clear.

When you remove the clutter and give importance to the single object in the logo, it is easy to remember.

Then, blend the object with decent colour. The combination of elements and colour will increase the brand recall value. People will remember you and feel more comfortable when they return to your pet business for the service.

5) Know your target audience:

Prior research is needed when you want to choose the target audience. The target audience is those people who are going to give you repeated business. For example, pet businesses would need repeated clients for thriving in the industry.

Understand the emotional state of your target audience and try to find when they look for the service you offer. Knowing your target audience’s routine and decision-making process will reduce the gap between you and your customer.

The research will help you to run an effective marketing campaign targeted to those customer groups only. Design the logo that meets the customer expectation and make them feel great when they view your logo.

The relevant logo will help you to convert the regular people into your customer. Also, focus on the language and terminology used in the logo. Then, use it based on the demographic traits.

What are the top five logos that use their logos?

Following are the top brands in the world that are using the animal in the logo.

  • Chicago Bulls.
  • WWF.
  • Black Panthers.
  • Swarovski.
  • Lacoste.
  • Jaguar.
  • Puma.

These are the top brands that have inspired millions of people all around the world. The company has put its efforts into identifying the common traits in its industry. The animals are used as the reference point to shows case the natural characteristic of the animals in the brand.

Puma is trying to show that its products are designed for quicker and better athletes in their game. Similarly, you can choose the animal that suits the pet business and use the graphic of the pet in the logo.

What should be avoided when making a pet logo?

There are certain things that you should take care of while you are designing a pet logo.

1) Logo designing without research:

Internet facility has opened the doors to international business. Businesses can sell their product across borders and influence the audience staying in any country with their marketing efforts.

A company with no physical presence in your country doesn’t mean they are not serving the local client. These days’ people import the product from other countries.

When you are designing your logo, ensure that you have done your research. There is also the possibility that you will end up in the copyright issue over the logo if it looks similar to the other brands that have a presence in other countries.

In addition, the top brands may take your business down using the lawsuit. So you should conduct the research and find what kinds of companies are selling product online that has similarity to your business.

2) Clear message:

The message or tagline used in the logo must be easy to understand. A difficult to comprehend slogan would create confusion. No one likes to spend time understanding what you are trying to say through the message.

You have got only 30 seconds to make an impression. If the message in the tagline is unclear, you have lost a potential client.

3) Spending too much time in creativity:

Many people believe their logo should be creative and design after spending too many days in the designing. Creativity not the standard procedure or can be documented.

Creativity is the natural process that comes through experience. So should not stress your designer to put several days in the logo even if they find a decent logo in one day.

People spend too many hours thinking about the logo design and colours. So instead, use your common sense and put the basic elements together.

Whatever comes out of your basic sense of the environment would be sufficient enough to make your logo stand out in the crowd.


I hope you have learned the purpose of the pet logo and how to design the pet logo with a clear intention and vision. Then, follow the guide and produce a unique logo for your brand.

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